Carlino Zaragoza – Shipments puppies Carlino Zaragoza

Are you looking for a puppy Carlino? We have it, We also perform specialized transport shipments animal to Zaragoza.

Carlino puppies have two months of age fed Royal Canin Starter.

We offer all guarantees for your new puppy Carlino, They delivered in vaccinated Zaragoza, unreasonable, primer included plus optional chip.

If you are looking for a business would be to purchase your Carlino with all the guarantees please contact us. We send them directly to the door of his house in Zaragoza or any people of Zaragoza.

The Carlino are used especially as a pet for his great nobility and loyalty as well as being excellent pets, although Carlino cubs can be very playful, They reward you with their affection and sympathy.

We are not any kennel, At our facilities our care are fully Carlino, play areas, particularly veterinary, qualified for care and cleaning staff, etc. For the welfare of our Carlino is for us first.

Viral offer guarantees ( Parvovirus o moquillo ) from 8 days and possibility of pedigree for Carlino.

We specialize in breeding and selling Carlino so we usually have male and female Carlino.
The lives of dogs are too short. His only flaw, actually.

Consult price puppies Carlino

Contact form:
Tel: 622 559 134
You can also contact by Whatsaaps

Submissions Carlino Zaragoza

The price of sent Zaragoza, incluye transportín para mayor confort del perrito.

*Check availability of Carlino and sent Zaragoza

*If you're looking for a cheap Carlino we recommend that you raised go to the pound of Zaragoza, allí encontraras decenas de perros que necesitan ser salvados. Nosotros ofrecemos cachorros a un precio justo, paramount for us is to have the puppy Carlino in good condition and for that we spare no expense.

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